11) I Fixed the Power Button on My Wife’s Phone #NewThingEveryDay

For a few weeks my wife’s phone has had the dreaded boot loop problem. It’d just randomly shutdown and try to reboot, then 4 seconds later it’d shutdown and reboot again. Monkeying with the power button for a while would get it to stop, but then it’s go into a boot loop again a few […]

8) I Built My Very First Android App #NewThingEveryDay

Today I set out to build my first Android app. I have a future project that involves using a phone, so I wanted to start learning the platform. I’ve a fair bit of programming experience, so this wasn’t a huge accomplishment, I’ve just never built anything on the Android platform, so I wanted to get […]

7) I joined Pinterest to Organize My Project Ideas #NewThingEveryDay

Like most creative people I collect pictures of neat looking things for inspiration. For instance when I see a cool LEGO build somebody has created I’ll usually save the photo to a folder on my desktop called LEGO. I’ll do the same for woodworking projects, craft projects for the kids, or whatever project I’m currently […]

4) Tried Wallabag for Saving Websites to Read Later

I really wish the chrome browser on a computer had a share button like on Android. I use the share button to save webpages I want to come back to on Google Keep. I use Keep as my ToDo list, shopping list, and general brain dump. It’s so short-sighted of Google that they don’t have […]

WooHoo! Ice Cream Sandwich on my Acer A500

I’ve been waiting for Acer to release Ice Cream Sandwich for my A500 Tablet for months. Tired of waiting, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a ICS rom to flash on my rooted tablet. Luckily, Acer’s actual ICS beta’s have been leaking onto the internet and some industrious hackers have provided roms based on the leaked […]