Bricking and Unbricking My iPod Touch While Upgrading To 2.1

I’ve been happily running my iPod Touch with it’s original 1.1.4 firmware (jailbroken of course), but there were some apps that I really wanted from the App Store.  I bit my pride, grudgingly loaded iTunes on my laptop, signed up for an iTunes account, and downloaded the 2.1 upgrade. I discovered that although iTunes can […]

Not Just Hype: Antec Earthwatts Power Supply

My the overload protection in my power supply started randomly shutting down my computer, so I figured I’d replace it with an 80 Plus rated power supply. It happened that Antec was offering $30 rebates on their supplies so I picked up a EA-430. There wasn’t anything remarkable looking about the supply and it adequately […]

Annoyance: Logitech Setpoint Asking for Administrator Privileges on User Login

I like using Logitech setpoint software to define the horizontal scroll and other extra buttons on my LX7 mouse. Unfortunately every time I would login as a non-administrative user the following message would pop up: Logitech Update Sorry You must have Administrator privileges to complete the task. I found the kernel of the solution on […]