Where’s My KDE Dialogs In Firefox

When I upgraded to Kubuntu Lucid Lynx, they promised: Firefox now integrates better with KDE, providing native KDE file dialogs as well as respecting your default choices for opening files, as set in KDE. I was excited, no more having to keep a separate favorite places for Firefox and Dolphin.  In reality after I upgraded […]

Fixing A Serial Mouse In Ubuntu 10.04

I was upgrading my mythtv boxes from 8.04 to 10.04 today, which went pretty smoothly until I rebooted.  When I got to the login screen I tried to move the pointer but nothing happened.  I wasn’t too worried, I figured that the upgrade just changed my xorg.conf file and that I could just replace it. It turns […]

Changing Chromium Cache Location in Ubuntu (Hint XDG)

You want to do something as simple as moving the directory Chromium uses for cache and you wind up learning more about the XDG Base Directory Specification than you wanted.  I wanted to move Chromium’s cache so that I didn’t back up these unimportant and constantly changing files during my hourly backups.  Backing up all […]

Installing SongBird On Kubuntu Karmic

First let me just let me say that Amarok 2 blows!  Why they screwed up such a great program is beyond me.  You can always install Amarok 1.4, but why go backwards when players like Songbird are moving forward. Unfortunately Songbird doesn’t seem to work out of the box with Kubuntu, the correct GStreamer packages […]