9) I Made Penny Batteries #NewThingEveryDay

I was watching the King Of Random’s channel again last night and I found his video on how to make a three penny battery. I’m an electrical engineer, but I’ve never made my own battery even as a kid, so I thought this looked like an interesting project for this afternoon. This project works because […]

Bricking and Unbricking My iPod Touch While Upgrading To 2.1

I’ve been happily running my iPod Touch with it’s original 1.1.4 firmware (jailbroken of course), but there were some apps that I really wanted from the App Store.  I bit my pride, grudgingly loaded iTunes on my laptop, signed up for an iTunes account, and downloaded the 2.1 upgrade. I discovered that although iTunes can […]

Not Just Hype: Antec Earthwatts Power Supply

My the overload protection in my power supply started randomly shutting down my computer, so I figured I’d replace it with an 80 Plus rated power supply. It happened that Antec was offering $30 rebates on their supplies so I picked up a EA-430. There wasn’t anything remarkable looking about the supply and it adequately […]

Upgrading the Archos Jukebox 6000: Part I

My Archos Jukebox had been crashing more and more.  I thought that maybe the hard drive was starting to show its age.  I wanted to replace the hard drive with a compact flash drive to cut power consumption and reduce the number of moving parts to fail.  I purchased a the smallest compact flash to […]