Getting Tomato Firmware to Resolve Your Local Computers

Lets say you have two computers, one named TOM and another named JERRY.  A good router will allow you to set it up so that if while you are on TOM you type:

ssh user@JERRY

You connect to JERRY without having to resort to using JERRY’s IP address.

After switching from dd-wrt to the Tomato firmware for my WT-54G, I found that there was no place to specify the local domain, so it wouldn’t resolve local hostnames properly.

I got a clue from a post on  He’s setting up internal hostnames and the first line in his dnsmasq custom configuration sets his domain name. So I added this line to my dnsmasq custom config on the router


All of a sudden the hostnames start to resolve.  This is of course assuming that the two computers are already setup to use the domain name cartoon.

* All computer and domain names have been made up to protect their true identites.

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