Reading eBooks on the iPod Touch

I’ve been using eReader to read eBooks on my iPod Touch, but a recent update removed the ability to load your eBooks onto the iPod from your own webserver.  They claim they’ve fixed it now, but instead being able to browse directories for books you have to create some convoluted file linking to each book.

The next best reader is Stanza, but it only takes books of the epub format.   Thanks to calibre, you can convert most formats to epub.  As a bouns you can turn on a server that allows you to connect with your iPod and download the books you converted.

What I don’t understand is why so many people praise Stanza.  Compared to eReader it’s bloated and slow.  For no reason in the middle of the book, the spinning wheel appears and you have to wait 30 seconds to get to the next page.  Same thing if happens when you start the program, turn on the iPod, or  go to a bookmark.  eReader did take a little while to load a book, but once it was loaded, there were no more delays.  I’ve read 4 books with Stanza and it is just barely usable.

From what I understand part of the problem with eBook readers is that Apple limits their functionality.  I think that the other problem is the companies who develop these programs want to lock you into their system and make it difficult to use books from any other source.   There’s really no reason to lock you into a single format or limit the places you can get books from other than corporate stupidity.   It’s sad really. The iPod Touch and iPhone could be really great platforms for reading books.

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