DD-WRT: First Problem

One of my motivating factors for installing the DD-WRT firmware was to keep track of my growing list of hosts.  It is time consuming editing the hosts file on each computer.  I know I can include a common host file, but I would need a common file server.  I'm trying to reduce and consolidate the total number of services running across my network; I do not want to configure another service.

I set up the hosts file using the Static DCHP settings.  I created and entry for each of my computers.  I used a bogus MAC if I did not want to use DHCP with that computer.  This worked well for my Linux boxes, but my XP box could not resolve the other computers on the network.   After some digging, I found this FAQ.  My answer lay in this question and answer:

Q: Names on the internet are working fine, but looking up local names
from /etc/hosts or DHCP doesn't seem to work.

A: Resolver code sometime does strange things when given names without
any dots in. Win2k and WinXP may not use the DNS at all and just
try and look up the name using WINS. On unix look at "options ndots:"
in "man resolv.conf" for details on this topic. Testing lookups
using "nslookup" or "dig" will work, but then attempting to run
"ping" will get a lookup failure, appending a dot to the end of the
hostname will fix things. (ie "ping myhost" fails, but "ping
myhost." works. The solution is to make sure that all your hosts
have a domain set ("domain" in resolv.conf, or set a domain in
your DHCP server, see below fr Windows XP and Mac OS X).
Any domain will do, but "localnet" is traditional. Now when you
resolve "myhost" the resolver will attempt to look up
"myhost.localnet" so you need to have dnsmasq reply to that name.
The way to do that is to include the domain in each name on
/etc/hosts and/or to use the –expand-hosts and –domain options.

My quick fix was to use the hostname. trick.  Finding where DD-WRT creates the temporary file: resolve.dnsmasq is stopping me from setting a domain.  There must be a script that looks at the web GUI settings and writes the resolve files.   Otherwise, if I edit the resolve file, the changes will disappear on reset.

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