Sound in DOSBox

I installed DOSBox on a Kubuntu Karmic machine to play The Incredible Machine, but I couldn’t get the sound working.  I read a ton of forum posts about trying to get DOSBox working with Pulseaudio to no avail.   Then I discovered that my Pulseaudio wasn’t working anyway.

I needed a way to tell the SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) that DosBox should just use my soundcard like KDE was doing.  One of the steps that kept coming up in the PulseAudio “fixes” was to type the line:

export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse



before running DOSBox.  I wondered if there was another setting for soundblaster or intel.  So I googled SDL_AUDIODRIVER and found that there was a dsp option.  So I typed:


before starting DOSBox and viola I have sound.

*I’m not entirely sure it was necessary but in the process of trying to get Pulseaudio working I installed libsdl1.2debian-all.

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