Feb 26 2010

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WooHoo! Now I Can Use Google Voice(mail) On My TracFone

I’m not sure what changed, before I wasn’t able to forward my voicemail from my Tracfone to my Google Voice account, but now it just works.  I had previously done some research on the web and found that Tracfone doesn’t allow call forwarding which precludes using another voicemail service

So I was playing around in my Google Voice account and for the heck of it decided to see what would happen if I clicked on the “Activate Google voicemail on this phone.”   At one point I know Tracfone was using T-Mobile in my area, so I had tried using the T-Mobile settings to forward voicemail, but Tracfone must have changed to AT&T, because I tried using the AT&T instructions and it just worked.

Initially I tried calling my cell from my land line to test the voicemail switch, but for some reason instead of getting a greeting I went straight into the voicemail backend, you know the “you have X new messages” part.  It turns out that I have direct access to Google Voice enabled on my land line, so it was going through some sort of causality loop.  I temporarily un-enabled GV on my land line and called my cell again — this time I was greeted by my on cheery voice telling me to leave a message.   Unfortunately (or fortunately) this means if my wife calls my cell phone from our land line she can’t leave a message, but I’ll still get a missed call notification

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  1. zip

    This doesn’t work – the AT&T, nor the T-Mobile option. tracfone doesn’t support “conditional call forwarding” which is required for this to work.

  2. benjamen

    Sorry that it didn’t work for you zip.

    tracfone doesn’t support “conditional call forwarding” which is required for this to work.

    This is not true, they forward unanswered calls to the voice mail number stored in the phone. All you need it the ability to change that number. My phone allows me to change the number, maybe your phone does not.

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