Lubing My Silverado Front End.

As long as I have had my 2001 Chevy Silverado, I have had great difficulty greasing the fitting opposite the steering arm actuator.  Once, I was able to grease it with a articulating head grease gun and someone to turn the steering wheel to the perfect position.  The arm with the fitting travels about two inches underneath the alternator, so my grease gun rubber hose can not bend to reach the fitting from below. 

Closeup of the right fender well

My father-in-law reasoned if you thread the grease gun hose through the right fender-well and down past the alternator, he could reach the fitting.  But his grease gun hose was not long enough.  After a trip to the local hardware store, we extended his grease gun hose with a pipe coupler and another length of rubber grease gun hose.  Voila, my front end has now been properly lubed.

Closeup of the right fender well

As an after thought, I think I will try jacking the front end until the tires are off the ground.  This might let the suspension travel just enough for me to reach the problematic grease fitting.

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