Getting Podcasts On iPhone Without iTunes

I just replaced my headphone connector on my 1st Gen iPod Touch when I had it open to replace the battery.  Now I can actually use it as an iPod again.  Good timing too, because the dock connector on my 1st Gen iPod Nano that I had been using to listen to podcasts is now pretty much shot, so I have no choice but to use my iPod Touch as my sole device for podcasts.

Even if I had a computer running Windows, I would refuse to degrade it by installing the piece of crap Apple calls iTunes, so the only way I can get podcasts on the iPod touch is using the iTunes store on the device itself.  The problem is not every podcast is listed on the iTunes store.  There’s no way to get non-iTunes approved podcasts on the device. I found a work around using Dropbox.  I remembered that Dropbox on the iPod Touch will play any media file located in the dropbox.  So I set up a folder called Podcasts and sub folders for each podcast in my dropbox  and told my podcatcher (Amarok) to download the renegade podcasts there.

When I want to listen to a non-Apple-approved podcast, I open up the Dropbox app on the iPod Touch and simply go to the podcast’s folder and select which episode I want to listen to.  If you want to listen somewhere you don’t have wifi access you need to favorite the file by pressing in the little star at the bottom so that it gets downloaded locally to the iPod Touch.

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