Upgrading the Archos Jukebox 6000: Part I

My Archos Jukebox had been crashing more and more.  I thought that maybe the hard drive was starting to show its age.  I wanted to replace the hard drive with a compact flash drive to cut power consumption and reduce the number of moving parts to fail. 

I purchased a the smallest compact flash to 44 pin IDE adapter I could find from ebay.
Compact Flash Adapter
Compact Flash Adapter back side

When it arrived I started disassembling my Archos following these instructions.  After I removed the metal case, I lifted the hard drive to clear the circuit board at the end, and there was no circuit board.  It was still in the bottom of the case.  Apparently, I was actually suffering from the problems described on this page: Rockbox battery terminal repair

Disassembled Archos

After a closer look at the disassembled player, I discovered that almost every solder joint holding the metal battery compartment was sheared. 

sheared solder joint

sheared solder joint

I re-soldered all the sheared joints and re-attached the bottom circuit board.  I then re-assembled the jukebox.  It worked like brand new.  The Archos no longer reboots when I squeeze the bumpers.  It also no longer crashes the hard drive when I move the player while listening to an mp3.

The original problem is solved, but I still wanted to try replacing the hard drive with a compact flash card.  I will finish that project next post.

Too be continued….

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