Tracfone and SMS

After experimenting with my Motorola C139, I have determined that it costs 0.3 units to send a text message and 0.3 units to open a new text message.  You can also delete unopened text message for free.

My wife's Nokia 5100 charges 0.5 units to send a text message.  I have not been able to receive a text message so far so I don't know how much it costs.

Google has a few neat SMS services.  The first one is Google SMS.  This works with my phone but I never received an answer on my wife's phone.  The next one is Google Send to Phone.  One problem I encountered is that you can't bookmark the site, when you try to use the bookmark google throws up.  You need to use the above link.  For my C139 I need to use the Cingular network to receive text messages.

I tried sending my C139 a message using  You just send an email to  I tried several times, but I never received the text message that I sent.  The email bounced back to my inbox either.

Another service that did work was Jason Holm's site.  The message appears from  I'm not really comfortable with using somebody else's personal email address to send myself text messages.  Looking at the source on his page, I can't figure out how he does it.  The web page just sends a standard POST form to him.  The magic must appear somewhere else.

Knowing that Google sends text messages to my phone via the cingular network I tried using  The text message was bounced back to my email box.  It said the reason was: User not local and forwarding not allowed.

Here is a link for some nifty things you can do with SMS.