Where’s My KDE Dialogs In Firefox

When I upgraded to Kubuntu Lucid Lynx, they promised:

Firefox now integrates better with KDE, providing native KDE file dialogs as well as respecting your default choices for opening files, as set in KDE.

I was excited, no more having to keep a separate favorite places for Firefox and Dolphin.  In reality after I upgraded I saw no such “integration.”

So several months later it bugged me enough to take another look at the problem.   Reading the same copy as before I noticed a new sentence that either I missed or wasn’t there before:

Our Kubuntu Firefox Installer makes sure the necessary packages are installed, if you have installed Firefox manually you will need to install kmozillahelper for the integration.

Hmm…  since I upgraded and didn’t install from scratch it seems that I needed to install the kmozillahelper package.  Once I did and restarted Firefox, it worked.   One step closer to an integrated desktop.  Now I I could find a way to do this in chrome, openoffice.org, gimp…

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