Annoyance: Logitech Setpoint Asking for Administrator Privileges on User Login

I like using Logitech setpoint software to define the horizontal scroll and other extra buttons on my LX7 mouse. Unfortunately every time I would login as a non-administrative user the following message would pop up:

Logitech Update

Sorry You must have Administrator privileges to complete the task.

I found the kernel of the solution on this forum post. (pdf)

1) Login to an account with administrative privileges.

2) Navigate explorer to C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint.

3) Rename the two files named “LogitechUpdate.exe and Logitech Update2.exe” to something else. I just added a “1” in front of the filename.

4) Logout of the account with administrative privileges.

5) Login to a limited user account to see no popup dialog.

I would note that you should probably turn off automatic updates in Setpoint; this fix will break that option.