Dolby Digital Through SPDIF on My MythBox

Ever since an upgrade, I’ve been having problems with the sound on one of ┬ámy MythBoxes. It was so bad I was forced to fall back to analog stereo. So today I resolved that I was going to fix the issue. After all I knew it could be done, I had Dolby Digital working before.

After playing for about an hour and reading all I could online, it seemed as though I was going to have to monkey around with the asound.conf file, something that I shouldn’t have to do this day and age, plus I never could get anything to work that way before. Luckily I found this post on Ubuntu Forums that explained the exact setting the person used for Myth 0.23. (I’m running Myth .23 on a 10.04.3 LTS box). Most people have passed 0.23 and gone onto .24 which seems to have a different configuration for sound.

Here’s the simple settings that got me Dolby Digital again:


Alsa;iec958:{aes0 0x02}
dolby digital and dts checked

Use internal volume controls off

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