WooHoo! Ice Cream Sandwich on my Acer A500

I’ve been waiting for Acer to release Ice Cream Sandwich for my A500 Tablet for months. Tired of waiting, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a ICS rom to flash on my rooted tablet. Luckily, Acer’s actual ICS beta’s have been leaking onto the internet and some industrious hackers have provided roms based on the leaked version.

The version that I decided to trust was the Lightspeed ROM posted over at the XDA Developers forum. Following the instructions over here at Android Authority, I was able to successfully flash the ICS rom and am now running a fully operational version of ICS on my tablet (with the exception that Fluffy Birds no longer works, but everybody seems to be having problems with that game.)

A few notes on flashing:

  • You need to root your tablet, I rooted my 3.2.1 stock rom with these instructions (thanks timmyDean!)
  • You need to install ROM Manager by ClockworkMod
  • I recommend Titanium Backup to backup all your apps and data
  • You do not need to put the ROM at the root of your (internal) SD card. I put it on my External SD and it flashed fine.
  • For some reason when I was booted into recovery mode, one of the screens warned I was at 10% battery, this was wrong. It was 100% and plugged in.

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