Get Rid Of The Camera Shutter Noise In IOS (Rooted)

When I’m in a store, I like to use my iPod camera to take pictures of items to remember later. Like the other day I saw a cool lathe attachment rack and I wanted to take a picture of it so I could make one in my shop later. Of course when I hit the volume button I got the useless shutter noise. There’s no reason for it other than some countries want to try and prevent perverts from taking secret upskirt pics on the subway.  All it does in the store is make the sales person come running because they think you are doing an online price comparison. Some stores even ban the use of cameras on their premises for this reason.

Luckily there was no sales person around to hear me taking pictures, but I’d had enough of the obsolete the shutter noise. After a bit of googling I found that there were a ton Winterboard themes that I could install to change or remove the shutter noise, but they all required Winterboard, a theming application that can be a memory hog and degrade the performance of your device. So I found a simple hack that you can perform on your device that disables the sound forever.

Choose a method of navigating (ssh, a file managers, etc…) to the folder /System/Library/Audio/UISounds on your device and delete (or rename) the file photoShutter.caf  Simple. Done. Now when you take a picture there is no audio feedback. It even survives a reboot on a tethered root.


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