Bluetooth Dropouts On An Ipod

I love listening to podcasts on my iPod with my bluetooth headphones. There’s no cord to snag, I have extra controls for skipping ahead or back a few seconds in a podcast, and I don’t have to deal with uncomfortable buds in my ears. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I started having problems with the audio dropping out anytime I moved around. Previously I was able to have the iPod in my pocket and move however I liked or even leave it resting on a surface and walk almost 30 feet away from it with no problems (although sometimes If I leaned against something metal with it in my pocket it would cut out). I did used to have interference issues with a USB bluetooth dongle I had plugged into my computer (even thought that’s not supposed to happen), but removing that when I wasn’t using it fixed that.

Since nothing had changed and the headphones worked fine with other devices, I knew something was wonky with my iPod. I didn’t think it was a rooting issue, because I was having no bluetooth issues for months after I rooted the device. I have noticed that after I rooted the iPod that I did need to do a tethered reboot every month or so because it would start to slow down, but that seemed like a different issue. Like most troubles in my life it, was time to turn to Google.

I found several a few people had similar problems, but one forum post sounded like my problem exactly. The fix seems to be simple, just reset the network settings. Go to Settings->  General-> Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. This will result in a reboot and you’ll have to re-connect to your wireless network(s). In my case I had to reboot again to do a tethered boot.

I’ve listened to several podcasts and the problem hasn’t come back yet. I’m crossing my fingers.


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