I’m not much of a hard cider person as I’m not fond of overly sweet drinks, but last time I visited the package store, I grabbed some Crispin Brut Cider. I was refreshingly surprised. It was dry, not very sweet, and went down very easily — almost too easily.

Crispin¬†certifies their ciders “gluten free” which I don’t really care about, but if you’re a Celiac it might be important. They say they use fresh-pressed apple juice in their ciders and naturally ferment them. I’m not exactly sure what they mean when they say “naturally ferment,” but I’m guessing it means they don’t add any malt, grape wine, or spirit alcohol like they say in the next sentence

Crispin ferments 7 different types of apple cider and 3 pear ciders. Looks like I need to get drinking.

Cripsin Brut (Manufacterer Website)




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