1) I’m Going to Start Start Doing A #NewThingEveryDay

I’m the sort of a person that gets stuck in a rut – an introvert that likes the comfort of routine. But some of my best days are when I break out and try something new, something different. That’s why I’m going to try to do a #NewThingEveryDay. And I’m gong to post it here and on Twitter at (@benjamenjohnson)

I did a extensive google search and found only a few people that have tried the same thing and documented it every day. There are various tags like #anewthingaday and #trynewthings that people have used, but I like #NewThingEveryDay because I think it captures the spirit of what I am trying to do and if you capitalize the first letter in every word it reads well.

Some examples of new things might be obvious like trying a new food or restaurant or using a new app or tool or they could be something seemingly mundane like traveling on streets I’ve never driven before — I’ve found some of the coolest places that I never knew were there!

Another reason I’m going to try this is that I want to get better and faster at writing. I’ve tried many other exercises to do this but inevitably I break the chain and fail. Of course the best way is to have a deadline like I did when I wrote for Toolmonger, but failing that trying to keep life interesting should be a good motivation.

One more challenge, I’m going to write the post in 15 minutes. That means setting a countdown timer and hitting the publish button when the alarm goes off. I’m doing this for a multitude of reasons. First writing a post can just suck time. You start to get worried about, “is this the best way I can say this,”and you take 30 minutes writing and rewriting before you know it. Second if I can lower the time commitment I’ll be more likely to post every day. I reserve the right to fix spelling and grammatical errors afterwards, but no new content.

I’m not going to be super strict on actually posting the thing on the day I did it, I’ll give myself a little leeway. There are going to be days that I’m not home, or that I just can’t write, but what I am promising myself is that I’ll try at least one new thing every day, 7 days a week. So 365 days from now there should be 365 #NewThingEveryDay posts.

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