2) Making a Bleached Logo Decepticon Shirt #NewThingEveryDay

Every time I use bleach, I usually get a few spots on my sleeves. I never thought much of it until I was reading one of my favorite new sites WilkerDos.com where I saw April make a shirt with a bleached Hunger Games logo. I thought that’s a really simple way to make a custom T-shirt.

I always am really jealous when my wife finds Transformers shirts for my kids and they don’t have ones in my size. All the adult shirts I find in stores are pretty lame. Sure I could go online, but what’s the fun in that — I couldn’t complain.

Cutting out the Decpticon SymbolTo start I needed to find a stencil. I googled Decepticon and found a bunch of logos. I picked one that I liked and down loaded it. I then resized it so it was 15cm across, which at the time I thought was plenty big, and printed it.

Then I grabbed a cutting mat, a straightedge, and an X-Acto knife and cut it out. It looked smaller that I wanted, but I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, so I didn’t want to spend another 15 minutes cutting out another one.

Tacking down the stencil with Tombow adhesive

I grabbed a cheap black T-shirt I bought the other day for this project and brought it downstairs. I set the T-shirt on a towel and tacked the logo stencil on with some TomBow adhesive from my wife’s craft room.

Up&Up Bleach I used

For the bleaching agent, I used some up&up spray bleach. First I sprayed a test spray in the laundry tub to check how large an area it would disperse. When I was ready, I quickly sprayed a few sprays right over the logo.

See the bleach in action

You could see the bleach work right away, but also the stencil started curling up. I was worried the shirt was ruined, so I stopped.

Finished Bleached Decepticon Shirt

I peeled up the stencil after 30 seconds and I was really surprised that the logo was pretty sharp.

I’m pretty pleased, but I’d recommend going bigger than you think and either using a plastic stencil or really taping it down. Just remember to let it dry completely. I’m not going to touch it for a few days, then I’ll rinse it in cold water and run it through the washer by itself to make sure the bleach is gone.

* I actually wrote this in 15 minutes yeah! The bad news is I spent another 15 minutes before I started writing editing the pictures, boo! I need to find a better workflow.

** Okay I needed to spend another 5 minutes proofreading, still not to bad for a how to post.

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