Transcoding shows recorded on a MythTV Box

Traveling with a 2 year old can be a challenge. That’s why we purchased a portable DVD player to keep her entertained in the back seat. She won’t just watch anything she wants her specific shows like Caillou or Bob the Builder. So I had to find a way to transfer them from my MythTV box to DVD.

Question 1) Why don’t you just use nuvexport?

Answer 1) It can’t choose audio tracks. Sometimes the Spanish or descriptive track is the default track and I want the standard track.

Answer 2) Why does it take 2 hours to transcode something that is pretty much already in DVD format to DVD format? I have no idea. I record the HDTV Transport stream (TS) from over the air broadcasts. It is pretty trivial to get the Program Stream (PS).

On to the Procedure:

In Explorer
1) Copy the Program to my XP box using Mythweb.
2) Rename the file to the correct episode name.

In Avidemux2
3) Load the file into avidemux2. It will need to index the file. If there is more than one audio track, you need to choose which one to use at this point. You know you choose the wrong one later if Bob the Builder is in Spanish.
4) Make your cuts. Mark the start (A) and the end (B) of your cut then press CTRL-X. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
5) Choose Copy for both the video and audio streams. You may want to shift the audio. More often than not I have to shift the audio about -500ms. Some videos I need to do this others I don’t.
6) You want to save the video in MPEG PS A+V format.
7) Save the File and sit back a few minutes.

Now you can import the files into your favorite DVD authoring program.

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