I tried Minecraft once when you could download the free edition for tablets. I never could understand the appeal. But, my son eats, lives, and breathes Minecraft. He’s always trying to tell me about something happening in in the game or about something he made. Sure, I’ve picked up some of the lingo from talking to him and other parents of Minecraft players, but until now I really haven’t taken an interest.

A few days ago my son figured out that he could play multiplayer on his tablet and he was bummed that there was no one on his network (of course not, he’s not logging into a server). So I decided this weekend that I would purchase Minecraft for my tablet with some Google Credits I’ve earned and have him teach me how to play.

First off a seven year old is not a good teacher. He called me a noob right away and got frustrated when I couldn’t follow what he was talking about. So he would grab the tablet and start tapping. For example in Survival mode, I wanted to make a wood pick-axe so I could mine stone and make stone tools. He’s all like, “dad you have to have a crafting table.” and would fly through the process crafting faster than I could follow.

We did eventually figure out how to log into each others games. He found a village and showed my how to fly there in Creative mode. Then when he took a house for himself , he invited me in to see his dogs. Of course one of them starts attacking me…I may have hit him first though.

I think this was a learning experience for both of us. He learned trying to teach a noob is no fun and just started playing without me, and I learned that maybe I need to be a little more patient when I’m teaching people and not grab the mouse when they are being too slow.

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