I really wish the chrome browser on a computer had a share button like on Android. I use the share button to save webpages I want to come back to on Google Keep. I use Keep as my ToDo list, shopping list, and general brain dump. It’s so short-sighted of Google that they don’t have an easy way of saving things to k\Keep.

For now I’ve been using OneTab. All you do is click the icon and every tab is archived to OneTab. If you want finer control it has a right context menu where you can choose to save only this page, all tabs to the right, or all tabs to the left. The save all tabs to the left is super useful when I’m writing, I just choose that option and the ten research tabs I have open are in OneTab and I can go on doing something else without having 20 tabs open to distract me.

But, I can’t use OneTab on my phone. Sure I can publish a webpage with all my OneTab links, but it isn’t interactive, it’s a static page. I can’t add new tabs from my phone or delete tabs I don’t want.

A few weeks ago on the Daily Tech New Show, one of the picks of the day was Wallabag. It’s a self hosted app that you can send websites you want to read later. It has support for Chrome and Android. You can also use an online server from a partner rather than set up your own server.

I thought I’d try the partners server first to see how it worked. The web interface worked okay. It saved the text of the pages to read later and provided a link to the original. It looked promising — until I downloaded the Android app. The app just isn’t ready. You can access the content to read later and you can even open the original link, but the link opens in their own browser and there’s no way to get it out. That’s just a deal breaker for me.

The system actually works very well, I think If I was just looking for a read it later app I would use Wallabag.

I guess I’ll keep looking, I really miss Del.ico.us

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