5) I Ate at a Louisiana PoBoy Restaurant for the First Time #NewThingEveryDay

Loiusiana PoBoy Sandwich

Today my wife and I chatted to a neighbor we’d never talked to before. He’d lived in our city for over 20 years and we were talking about some of the road construction in our neighborhood. The topic of conversation turned to how our city council wanted to create a walking community in a suburb that has very few retail stores. Eventually he asked whether we’d eaten at the new Louisiana PoBoy restaurant where KFC used to be.

I had to admit I never had, but thought to myself that sound like a good new thing to try today for lunch. So 11:30 rolled around and I drove over to PoBoy (do you say PoBoy or PoBoys?). The first problem with the location is that it’s on a county divided road, but there’s no stoplight on the street it’s on, so you have to know to turn before or after the stoplight and navigate through a business park that has irregular shaped blobs of land not blocks. It’s probably why KFC shut down that location.

As I got out of my car I saw one person leaving the restaurant, otherwise it was empty. I walked up to the register while looking at the menu and a friendly worker asked if I’d ever been to PoBoy before. I answered no, so she proceeded to tell me what they were know for. I was going to ask for advice on what to order so I wasn’t annoyed.

I ended up having the Shrimp PoBoy with Onion rings. The food appears to be made to order so I tried to grab my pop while I waited, but the machine wasn’t working. When I asked the staff, they said had they turned it off for cleaning and would turn it back on for me. Turns out there a key on the left side of the machine towards the front…interesting.

I got my food about 5 minutes later and it was a lot of food — it had better be for $12 I guess. The shrimp sandwich was pretty tasty and the onion rings were the thin crispy kind which aren’t very prevalent around here, which was a nice change of pace. Also the whole half hour I was there only one other person who ordered food.

All the experience was pretty good, if not a little greasy. I’m definitely going back there again sometime.

Louisiana PoBoy receipt


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