7) I joined Pinterest to Organize My Project Ideas #NewThingEveryDay

7) I joined Pinterest to Organize My Project Ideas #NewThingEveryDay


Like most creative people I collect pictures of neat looking things for inspiration. For instance when I see a cool LEGO build somebody has created I’ll usually save the photo to a folder on my desktop called LEGO. I’ll do the same for woodworking projects, craft projects for the kids, or whatever project I’m currently working on.

There are a few problems with this method. It doesn’t save any other information about the photo, like where I found it, who made it, etc. unless I take the time to rename it. Also it’s not really easy to access the folder of ideas from other computers, phones, or tablets. Sure, my desktop is actually Google Drive folder so everything is replicated online, but I just don’t end up browsing it as much as I should.

It’s not my ideal choice, but I searched around for some ways to store and organize idea photos and decided that Pinterest is probably the best place. I do a lot of image searches and I run into so many images that are either stored on Instagram or Pinterest, but Instagram seems to be geared towards photo’s you’ve taken, not other photos from around the internet that you want to save. I’m not super happy about using a service that forces you to join just to look photos its users have pinned, but at this point I don’t really care about the sharing aspect except maybe with my wife when we are doing a project together.

This morning I really wanted to clean up and organize my mess, so I signed up for the Pinterest account. I connected using Facebook for now, because I really didn’t want to mess with another password. This is probably going to come back and bite me in the ass when I install the mobile app on my phone, because I refuse to install Facebook on it.

I added the Pin It extension to my one of the instances of my Chrome browser thenĀ I started with a LEGO folder. I used Google image search and uploaded the photos back to the original source so I could pin it from that webpage to get more context for the images. When Google couldn’t find a source I just uploaded the photo and pined it without any information. I ended up making a few LEGO boards, but I really wish I could have made just one LEGO board and have sub-boards. I guess I’m not alone — many other people have asked for that feature.

Until I find something better I’m going to keeps using Pinterest.