10) My Kids and I Purchased Mario Kart and Played It #NewThingEveryDay


My daughter has been playing Mario Kart in her summer program and my son has been playing it at his friend’s house. So they’ve been bugging me to buy Mario Kart for our Wii. Of course it is one of the most expensive used Wii games at Game Stop, so today I made them a deal I’d pay the $30 and they each would pay me $10. They jumped at the offer.

Now we are the proud owner of a copy of Mario Cart.┬áMy daughter and son hogged the game all afternoon. I only got to play my daughter when my son left to go play at a friend’s house. I have to admit it’s pretty fun. I played several four race series against my daughter and so far my least favorite track is Warrio’s Gold Mine.

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