12) Our Family Started Composting through our County #NewThingEveryDay

Compost Ready to Go

This isn’t the first time we’ve composted. A long time ago, we tried making our own compost at home until we discovered that we can get it free by the truckload from the county.

We dump a lot of food down the garbage disposal and up to half our garbage is compostable. It really seems like a waste sending all that through the sewer or to the landfill. So when I saw last fall that the county was setting up household composting collection sites for food and non-recyclable paper waste, I was interested.

Dumpster at Compost Site

Finally this Saturday my kids and I stopped by, picked up a brochure and a few compostable bags. We still needed to figure out how we we’re going to separate the compostable materials from the normal garbage.

Under Sink Composting System

The problem with food composting is that if you don’t have a sealed container, the food waste starts to stink and collect flies. One of the bags they gave us wwas the tiny 3 gallon size. This fit nicely in an ice cream bucket and you can still snap the lid closed to seal it. Then I took another bigger bag and put it inside a 2 gallon bucket for Kleenex, napkins and paper towels. Both containers fit under the kitchen sink.

So today I filled the food bucket to the top so I tied it off and brought it to the compost site. We can officially say we are composting.

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