Family shot in the canoe

I’ve canoed with my wife. I’ve canoed with my daughter. But I’ve never canoed with my son. So today my wife and I took both the kids canoeing on Long Lake.

In planning for today’s adventure, last Saturday I took the kids to Fleet farm to buy life jackets. Of course Grandpa has life jackets for the kids for when he takes them fishing, but he lives 2 hours away. Also in preparation I spent a half hour yesterday getting all the old license stickers off my canoe so the new ones would stick properly.

This morning we loaded up the canoe and drove to Long Lake and admired the half million dollar houses along the way. Sure it’d be cool to live on a lake in the suburbs, but the property taxes are probably close to my mortgage payment. Anyway it was a beautiful morning for canoeing, the sun was shining, the are was cool, and there was little wind.

We put in at the landing, my daughter in front and my wife and son in the middle. There’s a beach about halfway up the shore, so we decided to paddle to it and switch seats to let my son try paddling. On the way to the beach we saw a bald eagle soaring in the sky. It’s amazing how many you see if you have a wide open space and just wait. We also saw a blue heron fly by.

Duck Family

My son only wanted to paddle for about 4 minutes, so we headed back to the beach to switch paddlers again. This time my wife and daughter paddled, and my son and I sat in the middle. Not having to paddle freed my hands to take some pictures of the duck family that decided to swim out into the lake right in front of us.

As we got back to the landing we saw another duck just sitting on a dock. I ws wondering what it was doing until I saw a bunch of ducklings swim out from under the dock. As we went ashore we noticed the blue Heron had landed by the shore right where the ducks were swimming.

I think both my children were impressed at how many animals we saw pretty much in our own “backyard.”

Another Duck Family and a Blue Heron

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