14) I Biked to our Mailbox #NewThingEveryDay

How is the mailman supposed to put the mail in the box now

Our road is getting torn up starting next week and the Post Office has moved ours and all of our neighbor’s mailboxes a few blocks away. It’ll be more than 6 weeks before I can just walk out to the mailbox and grab the mail. Now it’s a four block walk, so I decided to hop on my bike.

Why did the chicken cross the road has never been more poignant to me

It is obvious to me and the last the neighbor I talked to today, the person who choose the location of the row of mailboxes has never actually set foot in our neighborhood. The mailboxes are located across a busy street on the side where there is no shoulder. Anybody with half a brain would have placed the mailboxes on the near side of the busy street, the one that has a full parking lane. So now either you have to cross a busy street and hope traffic is watching for you on the side of the road, or you have to block traffic with your car just to pick up the mail — not to mention the mailman who is going to black traffic while he’s delivering mail.

Maybe I’ll call the post office tomorrow and see if they’ll move it. I’m not holding my breath.

Our mailbox used to be where this hole is now

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