16) I Visited Springbrook Nature Center #NewThingEveryDay

Springbrook sign

For 14 years, I’ve lived less than 4 miles away from Springbrook Nature Center and have never visited it. I knew it existed, but I’m not sure why I never visited.

Springbrook Nature Center isĀ 3 miles of hiking trails through oak and aspen forests, past prairies and through wetlands with floating boardwalks all in the middle of Fridley, a northern suburb of Minneapolis.

Today I parked in the lot and hiked around the longest trail that encircles the park. I saw tons of dragon flies, children counting snails in the aquatic vegetation along one of the boardwalks, ducklings, goslings, and tons of red wing blackbirds. The wind blowing through the trees, almost drowned out the sounds of the city, but every once in a while you’d hear a truck or a plane.

I also visited the interpretive center that had live snakes, turtles, frog, and some invasive lizards. I didn’t stay long because there was a class doing a project and I didn’t want to get in the way.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back again, I can’t bring my dog, or rollerblade along the trails so it’ll have to be next time I want to try to pretend like I’m in the country without traveling for half an hour.

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