18) Listened to Dark Side of the Moon with My Daughter #NewThingEveryDay

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

My Daughter and I¬†were riding in my truck when Pink Floyd’s Money came on the radio. She was really interested how they make music with the different sounds. We had about 45 minutes of driving left, so I thought, if she liked that, let’s listen to the whole Dark Side of the Moon album.

I explained to her that it is one of the best selling albums of all times, and that it should probably be in the music collection of anyone who appreciates music. I also told her it was one of my favorite albums. She said she was game for listening to it.

I can’t say she really enjoyed the whole album, but when was curious about many of the songs. We talked about how it was hard listening to it in a vehicle (especially a truck) because of all the different sounds in the background, both loud and soft. Of course we had the volume cranked so we could hear the last part of On the Run, so she jumped when Time started playing.

We talked about how some albums you really have to listen with headphones on, because you can’t hear all the complexities with noise all around you. For example she really didn’t pick up on the heartbeat in the beginning and we didn’t make it completely through the album, so I’ll let her discover it for herself someday.

I give my daughter a hard time about some of the music she listens to. It’s not that I don’t like some of it, I keep reminding her that in 10 years 90% of it will be forgotten, and it was the same for all the music I’ve listened to through the decades. I don’t think she appreciates that yet.

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