Small bin parts organizer

A few days ago I bought a 3D printer that I have to assemble myself. Every time I’ve embarked on a project like this I’ve just used the bags and boxes the kit came in. Inevitably I end up spending more time searching for the parts I need than assembling the project.

Thanks to this post over at ToolGuyd, I now am addicted to the 20 Bin Medium Portable Parts Storage Case from Harbor Freight. When they’re on sale you can grab them for $6, so last time this happened I grabbed a bunch of them. I’ve been using them for sorting LEGO, but I kept a few in reserve for assembly projects such as the 3D printer.

The first step in assembling the 3D printer was to take an inventory of all the parts. So I took this opportunity to remove all the parts from the ziplock bags they shipped in and dumped them into the organizer. I left all the screws in their proper bags though because the instructions actually call out for the screws by what bag they are in.

I can tell already that this organizing the parts before I started the assembly has helped speed the assembly up.


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