23) I Took my Puppy Swimming #NewThingEveryDay

Natasha Swimming

When most people who aren’t familiar with big dogs see Natasha, they are surprised that she is a puppy. She is only one year old. Which means she has a ton of energy. It doesn’t help that my wife runs 5K with her a few times a week. So we need to walk her at several miles each day or take her to the dog park to run with some other dogs.

The Rice Creek off leash dog area where we bring her is entirely fenced in. You get out of the car with the dog on the leash and walk them to one of two “airlocks” or double gates. You bring the dog into the airlock, close the gate behind them, take off their leash, and open the gate to enter the park. There’s also another single gate on the other side of the park that leads to a pond for the dogs to swim.

We’ve avoided taking her to the pond because we don’t want to get the car filthy. But today it was really hot and we needed to give ‘tasha a bath anyway, so we decided to let her swim. Even though she was whelped ¬†in a house on a lake and swam as a small puppy, she wasn’t too sure what to think of the water. She lost all hesitation through when another owner threw a stick into the water for their dog.

Swimming may not be the best word to describe what she was doing. Bounding probably better describes it. I did actually catch her doing the doggy paddle once.

I just hope she doesn’t expect to go swimming every time we go to the dogpark!


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