24) Got Skunked on New Lake (Grindstone) #NewThingEveryDay

Paddling the boat

My friend called me up earlier this week and asked if I wanted to go fishing this weekend. I said I was free Saturday afternoon. The next day he called me excited that he had found a Lake Trout lake only 1.5 hours away from us, Grindstone Lake just west of Sandstone.

Public Landing for Grindstone Lake

Saturday rolls around and we get up to the lake. As we are putting in his boat, I notice the guy in the pontoon who just left the dock got stuck on a sand bar. I noted where he was so we could avoid that spot. As we cast off, my friend backs up the motor into the same sandbar and plugs up the water cooling system.

As this happens we notice another guy on the bow of his boat paddling back into the landing. It turns out the whole river running into the lake is less than 1 foot deep. So I get up into the front of the boat and paddle us out to the lake.

After a few more mishaps we are out on the lake trolling for Lake Trout. It’s a beautiful 500 some acre lake that is 150 feet deep. There are some spots where the lake bottom drops off so fast that if a 100 feet deep 50 feet from shore. On the depth finder we are see a ton of suspended fish. You’d thing we’d have been in for a good day of fishing, well you’d be wrong.

The whole 5 hours were were out on the lake I never saw another boat catch a fish, including ours. As night got closer we stopped trolling and started casting the shoreline. I saw one fish surface. That was the only fish I saw the entire trip.

The fish just weren’t biting that day I guess. That’s okay, we had a great day fishing none-the-less.

Out on the lake

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