26) Bought a FoosBall Table at a Thrift Store #NewThingEveryDay

Reassembled Foosball Table

I’ve brought home some strange things from the thrift store before, but probably nothing as substantial as a foosball table. I’ve always said If I saw a used Tornado table in good shape I’d buy it, so when I saw this Halex table in really good condition, for $50 ($37.50 after discount) I got much less picky. Even with the legs removed I could tell the table was sturdy.

This isn’t really the first foosball table that I’ve purchased. Back in college, a few fraternity brothers and I bought a Tornado table for the house. Unfortunately, the house closed on campus soon after we left and we have no idea where the table ended up.

When I bought the table I thought I’d have no problem loading it into my truck especially with help from the guys at the store. Well with my toolbox taking up the front half of the bed, I needed an extra 1/2″ to shut the tailgate once we loaded the table in the truck. So I had to leave the tailgate down and tie the back so it wouldn’t slide out. And of course I hadn’t loaded my ratchet straps back into my truck since I hauled the canoe, so I had to use my knot tying prowess.

Foosball Table straight out of the Truck

When I got home I carefully slid the table out of the truck bed by myself. There was no way I was getting the table downstairs with the rods in place so I removed them. Then I though, let’s just take the table apart completely and I’ll carry it piece by piece. I’m glad I did that too, I found several places where the original owner didn’t assemble the parts correctly. It also made it easier to wipe down the table.

When I started to put it back together downstairs, I decided to remove the film sheet over the playing field. Boy am I glad the original owner didn’t take it off because the original surface was in pristine condition.

When I started putting the rods and men back into the table, I found yet another problem, Some of the handles were installed on the wrong ends of some of the rods. You can see in the picture above that some of the handles are all the way against the table. There should be a few inches of rod between the handles and the table. The only way the table worked was that they only had only pressed the handles halfway onto the rods.

Handle on the wrong side

The handles are supposed to go on the ends with the holes drilled through them. These holes are there to secure different types of handles.

When my daughter came home I told her to go downstairs to clean up the mess she left from the night before. About 10 seconds later I heard a loud scream and her running back up the stairs to get her little brother. That scream made it all worth while.

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