Fishing Journal: Mille Lacs

Date: 200607221300 – 1730
Body of water:  Mille Lacs
Weather: Hot, sunny, and calm

Gary and I launched at Shah-Bush-Kung (Roland's) Bay public access.  After some motor troubles, we headed north to the first patch of emergent vegetation we encountered in Wigwam Bay.  I put on a blue floating Rapala with a short leader, and Gary put on an orange and gold sinking Rapala.  Casting to the weed bed edge, I landed a largemouth bass in the first few casts.  I caught one more fish in that first patch. 

About 3:00 PM, we headed south to the first emergent vegetation we found around Sherman's point.  Immediately I caught another largemouth.   We fished that weed bed for the rest of the day.  The bottom was rocky with some very nice drop-offs right on the edge of the weeds.  Gary switched to a Mr Twister and I stayed with the Blue Rapala.   Gary and I landed a combination of 10 largemouth and smallmouth drifting around that weed bed.  At 4:13 PM, I caught the largest largemouth when I cast towards shore into the weed free ,tree shaded waters.  It was about 17 inches, which puts it at 2.5 to 3 lbs.

The fish all hit hard.  Even though the smallmouth bass we caught were all smaller the smallest largemouth, the smallmouth bass fought much harder that the largemouth. 

Earlier that day our friends chartered a boat out of St Albans Bay.  They were fishing for Northern in about 15 feet of water.  In 4 hours they caught 3 pike.

Largest fish of the day

Rest of photos

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