27) I Joined Xcel Energy’s Windsource Program #NewThingEveryDay


I was paying my Xcel bill to day and I noticed under the “My Programs” section that there was a program called Windsource. I’ve been looking for the option to buy renewable electricity for the past few months, but with their recent site changes I haven’t been able to find it.

Basically you buy renewable energy at a premium price by the 100kWh. You can choose 1-10 100kWh blocks or have 100% of your electricity through the Windsource program. At the current rates it’s only around an extra $1 per 100 kWh.

I choose to buy 5 blocks. That’ll be about an extra $5 a month on my bill. I didn’t want to go 100% yet because once you sign up you have to stay in the program for a year. I wanted to test the waters first before I made any larger commitments.

Now the flip side is to use less electricity. I’ve been slowly trying to reduce the amount we consume over the years. I’ve pretty much replaced any light bulb that doesn’t have to be incandescent with either a CFL or LED bulb. We have a few ceiling fans with remotes that don’t play well with anything but incandescent bulbs. And since we all have tablets and/or phones, we only have one desktop computer that we use anymore.

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