28) I Visited Hobby Lobby #NewThingEveryDay

Hobby Lobby Entrance

I’ve found myself frequenting craft stores more and more. Sometimes it’s because I have a new project and they’re the only place I can find what I need, sometimes it because I am getting craft supplies for my 10 year old daughter. I’ve never been to a Hobby Lobby, not because of any controversial Supreme Court decisions*, but because until now there wasn’t one near me.

A week or so ago Hobby Lobby opened it’s doors in Northtown mall, conveniently located right next to Home Depot. Previously that section of the mall was pretty much abandoned, but now traffic in that corner of the mall has been crazier than usual.¬†The first thing I noticed when I entered the store was the new store smell. Maybe it was just wood and formaldehyde. They had the usual stuff you’d find in Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels.

Science kits

One reason I was interested in Hobby Lobby was because I’d heard they actually had more models and other things I think of when I hear “hobby store.” They seemed to have more kids science kits and model railroad scenery building supplies, but it was just a few short aisles in a large store. I also noticed they had a ton of “Men’s Decor,” things like old fashioned metal signage and comic book themed decorations, things I’d never seen in other craft stores.

Comic Book Posters

When I saw the prices of things that I knew were also at other craft stores, it seems that they follow the “double the prices and give out 40% off coupon model” that I really hate about craft stores. I didn’t buy anything this trip and I’m not sure I ever will buy anything there, but at least I sated my curiosity.

*Frankly I think its appalling that a INCOPORATED company can deny any sort of medical benefits to its employees because of the owners religious beliefs. I used to think the right thing to do is to boycott companies whose policies I don’t agree with, but it is pretty much useless to change anything that way. That and life’s to short to hold contempt over an inanimate object.

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