30) I Ate at Uncle Louie’s Cafe in Duluth #NewThingEveryDay

Uncle Louis cafe

My wife and I went up to Duluth today to grab a buffet cabinet from my mom’s house. I’ve been dreading this for almost a year since she said I could have it. I thought it was really, really heavy and I wasn’t sure how we were going to get it our of her house and into the back of my truck.

It turns out my worries were unfounded. The reason it was so heavy was because my mom had it filled to the brim with paper. Once she and my step-dad cleaned it out, it was easy for two people to lift. After we got the buffet loaded into the truck ,we started chatting a while and decided to go out to lunch before my wife and I went back down to the Twin Cities. My Step-dad said let’s go to Uncle Loui’s.

Uncle Loui’s Cafe, not to be confused with the old Louie’s Cafe, is on East 4th Street near the old Twins Bar and St. Mary’s. It’s a little hole in the wall restaurant with a lot of character and known well to the locals and the college kids, so it’s hard to get in on Saturday and Sunday. They are known for their generous portions, breakfast, which they serve all day, and their gyros, well at least to my step-dad.

I had the gyros sandwich of course and they were made with real lamb, unlike some of the restaurants that claim to serve gyros in the Twin Cities. The lamb was good, but I usually like mine a little spicier — this is Duluth we’re talking about where ketchup is too spicy. I definitely enjoyed lunch today and would recommend Uncle Loui’s to anyone who wants to get away from the touristy side of Duluth.

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