31) I Repaired a RC Car with ThermoPlastic #NewThingEveryDay

Thermoplastic Repair on RC car

The other day I noticed a few properties of Thermoplastic that would make it a great way to repair broken parts. First it sticks to everything pretty tenaciously. Second when it’s cooled, it’s pretty rigid.

Last year we broke the steering arm one the many cheap New Bright RC cars I have for my kids to use. They’re perfect for them to learn driving skills, because I paid between $15-$20 for each of them. So when one breaks I just use it for parts for the next one. I didn’t have any replacement parts for this particular model, so I hadn’t repaired it yet.

First I glued the steering arm back together with Super Glue

First I glued the broken steering arm back together with super glue. I knew this wouldn’t hold up to any kind of abuse, so I used the thermoplastic to reinforce the joint.

Reinforced joints with Thermoplastic

I also figured that while I was at it, I’d reinforce the other bend of the steering arm. I heated up a cup of water, dropped some thermopastic pellets into the cup and waited for them to turn clear. Then I just molded the plastic over the bends in the steering arm. When I was satisfied with the job, I ran the steering arm under cold water and replaced it on the car.

I fixed the broken steering arm, but unfortunately there’s still a problem with the steering mechanism and the wheels aren’t turning as far as they should. I made sure my new fixes weren’t binding, but there just seems to be something wrong with the electronics. Maybe I’ll look at it another day.

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