32) Succesfully Printed an Object Using My New 3D Printer #NewThingEveryDay

Calgary Make Medallion

I bought a OneUp 3D printer a few weeks ago to assemble with my daughter. She lost interest because she really didn’t understand what part of the machine she was building, frankly neither did I, I was just following the instructions. So I just completed assembling the 3D printer myself. That’s pretty much where the instructions ended, no explanation of loading the filament, setting up the printer or actually making your first print.

After stubling around for a while I found a good forum post where a guy name Kezat had detailed notes about setting up the printer and printing objects. Once I got the printer setup properly I download a simple medallion from Thingiverse and got the printer to start printing it after several false starts, including having the extruder bury itself in the print bed.

It’s not the best print, and I need to adjust the printer to make the filament flow faster, but it’s a successful start!

OneUp 3d Printer assembled

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