34) Organized My Nut Drivers with a Length of Wire #NewThingEveryDay

5 - Both Sets of Nut Drivers Neatly Organized

I have a set of 14 Imperial and Metric nut drivers sitting in my tool chest that defy organization. After I line them up and put them in order, a few weeks of opening and closing the drawer results in a disorganized pile again.

I grabbed some 10 gauge copper wire I had left over from another project and all the nut drivers and brought them into my shop. I looked for a piece of scrap wood a little narrower than the handles are long. Then I wrapped the wire around the wood to make the coiled holder. When I test fit the drivers, the coil worked better than I had expected! Since this holder was finished, I trimmed off the extra wire.

See more detailsĀ at my workshop blog…

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