36) Make 3D Printer Print Parts for Itself #NewThingEveryDay

3D Printed Strain Relief

So far I’ve got my 3D printer working okay. I’m still having issues with it not infilling enough, but it works well enough to print most things. Doing research into how to use my printer, I found that the extruder wires can break from moving too much. The extruder is on the X-axis which is constantly moving back and forth. The same guy Kezat, who printed the setting up guide I used, created a 3D printed stain relief to fix the problem.

I had already tied all the wires for the extruder (temp, stepper, and heater) together because they where so unruly, why not make a better a better connection to the printer so the wires wouldn’t bend at the connection points? Also I just find the concept of using the 3D printer to make parts for itself so cool. A machine that can build itself!

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