GParted: Resize Partitions Easily

I’m restoring my laptop back to its orginal state with a new hard drive — hopefully it’ll speed the thing up.  I like to dual boot into Xubuntu on it, but the restore disk just creates one giant partition filling the whole disk.

I tried GParted a while ago and it wouldn’t even recognize my hard drive.  So I was a little weary of trying it again.  I downloaded and burned the Live CD (0.4.3-2).  I was pleasntly surprised at how fast the Live CD booted  and started running GParted right away.   I let me graphically resize the partition and it was done in 20 seconds.

A little note, next time you boot Windows, it’ll want to run checkdisk .  I think this is because it recognizes that the partition size has changed and it freaks out.  Just let it run and it’ll be fine.

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