The PC Decrapifier

When I reinstalled my laptop, of course it reinstalled all the crapware that came with it.  I could have easily just removed most of it with the Add/Remove control panel applet, but I decided to see what all the fuss was about with the PC Decrapifier.

It’s a small download and it doesn’t install any software on the computer.  I was disappointed that it found only two pieces of crap, and left me with basically a checklist of programs to choose to uninstall.  I still had to babysit the uninstall process, clicking through the appropriate dialogs for every programs uninstall.

It did save me some time by running all the installs at once, so I didn’t have to choose each program to uninstall individually, so it wasn’t a loss.  To their credit,  my laptop is from 2002 so I honestly didn’t expect it to catch too much.

The PC Decrapifier

Also to their credit — they’re running thier site with Drupal, my favorite CMS.