Learning Inkscape

Since I switched our family completely over to Linux, I’ve been looking for a replacement for Publisher.  I’ve looked at Scribus, but although it is powerful, it is too cumbersome to use.   My wife and I have been using Openoffice.org for simple documents, envelopes, business cards, etc but it has its limitations.

So one day when I needed to do some graphics I installed Inkscape.  I really liked it when I started playing around with it.  I liked that you could just select an area and change its color by clicking on a color in the palette across the bottom of the screen. I also like that you could grab shape and pull on a handle and deform it.  It reminded me of Google’s Sketchup.

Then a few days later I wanted to make a CD jewel case back cover.  I Googled for Openoffice.org templates and I found a page with Inkscape templates. I was hooked.

Inkscape may not be a complete solution, but it’s a very versatile program that should be in everyone’s toolbox.

Here are a few links that helped me learn and use Inkscape:

Inkscape Documentation Page
Inkscape Stuff
CD Templates