Getting Java Plugin to work in Firefox 2 under Hardy Heron

I'm running the KDE4 version of Kubuntu Hardy Heron. Yesterday my wife ran across a site where she needed java support. In earlier version I just had used automatix2 to install java, but unfortunetly they aren't providing a 8.04 version. I fired up adept and installed the sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-plugins packages, but for some reason [...]

Annoyance: Logitech Setpoint Asking for Administrator Privileges on User Login

I like using Logitech setpoint software to define the horizontal scroll and other extra buttons on my LX7 mouse. Unfortunately every time I would login as a non-administrative user the following message would pop up: Logitech Update Sorry You must have Administrator privileges to complete the task. I found the kernel of the solution on [...]

Batch Downloading Numbered Files

    The following script will download a sequence of numbered files.#! /bin/bashfor x in `seq -w 60 181`do    wget ""$x".mp3"done     So in this case it will download DGW-060.mp3, DGW-061.mp3 ... DGW-181.mp3.      Getting the script to loop through a sequence of numbers was tricky until I found the seq command.  The -w parameter [...]

ffmpeg: Batch Converting

    I was getting tired of converting each individual flash video to mpg by hand, so I wrote a script to convert every .flv file in a directory.#!/bin/shfor f in *.flv ;do FILE=${f%%.flv}; ffmpeg -i "$FILE.flv" -target ntsc-dvd -s 320x240 "$FILE.mpg" done    Using my favorite bash scripting tutorial: The Advanced Bash scripting Guide, I figured out how [...]

Snapfish/Costco Quick Upload in Firefox 2.0

    After upgrading my wife to Firefox 2.0, she complained to me that the Costco quick upload feature was no longer working.  She had to upload her photos the painfully slow way.    It turns out if you change your User Agent to Firefox 1.5, Quick Uploader will work.  Here is how to get Snapfish/Costco's Quickloader [...]