Installing SongBird On Kubuntu Karmic

First let me just let me say that Amarok 2 blows!  Why they screwed up such a great program is beyond me.  You can always install Amarok 1.4, but why go backwards when players like Songbird are moving forward. Unfortunately Songbird doesn’t seem to work out of the box with Kubuntu, the correct GStreamer packages […]

Get Back Firefox’s Print Preview Buttons In Linux

Does it annoy you that the print preview window has been neutered in Firefox for Ubuntu?  You may have this problem in other Linux distributions or operating systems too.  Here is what it looks like: Thanks to a little help from Only Ubuntu Linux I fixed the problem on my system by setting “print.whileInPrintPreview” to […]

Firefox Extension One-Two Punch: AutoCopy and Copy Plain Text

Lifehacker recently posted it’s Top Ten firefox extensions for 2009.  Number ten on that list was Autocopy, an extension that automatically copies selected text and lets you paste it with just a middle click  — within Firefox only of course.   Although this behavior is somewhat standard in Linux it does not extend to Firefox. One […]

Adobe Reader Bogging Down My Hardy System

I’ve been having problems with Adobe Reader eating up all the available memory and taking tons of cpu cycles.   I really would rather use an open source program like KPDF, but printing from it is broken and they have no intention of fixing it according to something I read on their mailing list or on […]

Tracfone Biased Against Linux And/Or Firefox Users

Why should I have trouble purchasing minutes for my tracfone on their website running Firefox on Linux?  Admittedly I didn’t try Firefox on Windows or another Linux browser, but if your server software is so broken that when people try to purchase things from you it spouts messages like this: Error 500–Internal Server Error From […]